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At Collab, we want to give you skincare that focuses on ingredients that regenerate, protect and strengthen your skin, without overwhelming you. Looking good should be a simple and effective collaboration between you and your skin!

Pink Sugar


We are currently experiencing a low stock situation as we transition to a new packaging! We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused :(


We have been working diligently to bring you a brand new look and it will be unveiled next month! *excited*


Your patience and understanding during this period means the world to us. Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for updates!



"It struck me as I was following the video tutorial on how to apply product 4 of a complicated 8 step skincare routine, that I was not going to be able to do this on a sustainable basis. Just like fitness, looking after your skin is about what you can do consistently."

Jaime Teo, co-founder of Collab, was also Miss Singapore Universe 2001 and a media personality the last 20 years. Her 117k following on Instagram are there for her fitspo posts, her interactions with her daughter and artistic endeavours.

So why the name Collab? It came about when she wanted to find a sustainable skincare routine that's good for her face BUT will not cause her sensitive skin to break out. Who else better to ask than the doctor who has been looking after her face for the last 7 years? So together, they developed this first range of skincare with a local chemist, to create an easy solution to strengthening your skin's natural barrier and improving your skin texture in 3 simple steps.

She wants to also spread the word that a simple skincare routine can be equally effective when the collaboration is right =)   

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My face had a sudden outbreak that lasted for around 6 months. Suspected it could be due to new allergy, stress, or recent beach holiday. During this 6 months, I've seen an aesthetic specialist and was on medication but that did not solve my problem. Friends then suggested for me to change my facial product from K**** to I****** as it is a more natural product. That didn't help as well. 


After 6 months of suffering from itch, bumps and redness on my face, another friend introduced me to Collab. I then switched out all my facial product to Collab (Cleanse, Hydrate and Soothe). The result was amazing! Bumps on my forehead and chin were visibility lesser in 2 days. I've been on Collab since then, no more itch and redness issue. Highly recommend for anyone with sensitive skin like mine.



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